Aims of the Academy

  • To extend the facility of comprehensive all round education through English Medium.
  • To cater to the needs of the children from the psychological point of view – example to provide a sand garden, water paddle pool, suitable play and teaching apparatus and an environment suitable to the healthy development of the child’s personality.
  • To encourage all round development – intellectual, moral, physical and cultural. Also to instil a strong sense of discipline in the younger generation.
  • To encourage children to develop hobbies in their leisure time. Also to create interest in Music, Art, History, Geography and Botany through – hobbies, excursions to places of cultural values and guided nature walks.

In a nutshell, this institution wishes to harmoniously develop all latent potentialities of the child and to inculcate in her / him a broad outlook and wide interests as a sound foundation on which true educational development may be based.

Outline of our Educational Method

Children’s Academy is a Modern English Medium School. The school is from Class I to Class VIII.

Direct and practical education is aimed at. The children are taught with the help of an extensive range of teaching aids. The SCHOOL has a computer lab and a well equipped Donald Young Science Laboratory which encourages children to experiment. They are also taught History, Geography, Nature study and General Knowledge through visits to gardens, museums, historical buildings, art and science exhibitions, selected films and musical concerts (recorded). Children are given lessons in dramatics, elocution and special etiquette and clay modelling – which are of physical, social and cultural value to our children.

Hobbies too are encouraged not only as desirable leisure pastimes, but also as interesting lively media of teaching. Pony riding is there to create confidence, balance and coordination. Picture postcard collection is of great value in creating interests and developing knowledge in the fields of Art, History, Geography and Science. A mini zoo encourages love for animals and is a rudimentary introduction to Biology. Gardening as a hobby and Home Science Practicals serve to widen the practical ability of the children. Dance, glass painting, tiles and record painting are among the varied hobbies.

Local camp and scout training also hill camp (Mussoorie or Nainital) help to make the children self reliant and independent. Scouting is a method of playway education. Scouting helps in the social, emotional and character development of the child. Scout camping and community life teach children independence, cooperation, socialization, administration, leadership and knowledge of natural environment. Inter – school arts, sports, dance, drama and general knowledge competitions are organized.

Character training, morals, personality development, etiquette, social science, discipline and cultural interests are aimed at, side by side with the development of knowledge and intellectual attainments. Remedial classes are held for the weak children – free of charge, and also a special Home Study class is held to help parents cope with the strain of home work. Since a sense of idealism and a desire to broaden the present one-sided educational environment has given birth to this school the fees, have been kept at a moderate amount. The Edward Thomas Chowdhary Scholarships are given to deserving Christian children.

Principal’s Meeting Time on working days
9:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m